Create Beautiful Proposals with

Less Effort and

Higher Margins

Create kitchen, bath and custom design proposals instantly with Clerestory, our one of a kind project proposal builder. Once it’s perfect, send to your customers for approval.

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Why Clerestory?

Take Your Company to the Next Level


Our proposal generation software takes the tedious, manual effort out of generating project proposals, without sacrificing the customization you need


Choose from an inventory of thousands of products to easily create a proposal, adjust prices, and track revisions through final approval


Our sophisticated software ensures that you are ordering all of the necessary parts to eliminate costly mistakes

How it works

The lifecycle management solution you've been waiting for...

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Manage Clients

Track all of your clients and projects in one place

House all of your clients, projects & proposals in one place. Track every detail, and manage proposal revisions to keep an accurate history of each custom project.

build your proposals

Easily add products to your proposals

Search through our curated catalogue of products to choose the pieces that fit your client's custom needs. Manage your costs and profit margins directly in our application before generating the final proposal.

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send for approval

Send a personalized email containing your proposal

When your proposal is ready for review, our system generates a downloadable PDF and provides a preview of each proposal before it sends it off to your client in a customized email template.


Here are even more reasons to use this product

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Professional Looking Proposals

Impress your clients with an added level of professionalism

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Track Profit

Quickly see how much profit each project will produce, and easily adjust where needed.

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Fully Customizable

Easily add specialty items to your quote that may not be in our database.

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Accurate Ordering

Eliminate the contractors need to run to the hardware store half way through a job.

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Saved Multipliers

Ability to see which distributors offer you the most profit on each product.

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Follow Progress

Determine the current status of each project and see the history of the client.

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Share Proposals

Send proposals directly to the client, but also to ordering and building teams to eliminate miscommunications.

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Multi-Media Presentation

Present the proposal on an iPad, screen mirror to your Showroom TV, or even print on paper.


Lock in early access pricing now and your rates won't increase as new features are developed!

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Quick and easy proposal generator


Access to over 100,000+ catergorized items


Free onboarding and training


Access to unlimited client storage

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Just one payment of $2388 will cover you for the entire year


Everything included in the monthly plan


24/7 customer support


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New Features including order tracking and Quickbooks integration coming soon!