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Clerestory is your one-stop shop for building proposals

Complete proposal builder

Easily create and send complete proposals to your clients.

Access to Systems

Clerestory shows you all of the pieces of the puzzle so you can include, and profit from, each necessary product.

Access to Product Database

200,000 products! Save time by accessing Clerestory’s massive database of popular products.

Vendor product pricing and availability

We track pricing and availability and update our data as new information becomes available.

Easily add custom items

Easily add missing products, images, and prices. Clerestory will format to match the rest of the proposal.

Email proposals and contracts directly

Eliminate human error by sending proposals directly with locked prices.

Create contracts from approved proposals

Instantly add terms, conditions, and signature lines to finalize approved contracts.

Organize your client lists

Easily view, add, and organize clients to see your whole book of business.

Organized projects within the client page

Eliminate the possibility of sending your proposal to the wrong client.

Cloud-based platform

Work remotely or even from your mobile device.

Margin-focused approach

Before you create your proposal, see your margin vs. the total cost of the project.

Itemize or Group Your Pricing

Show prices of each item or group them together for ambiguity.

Saved vendor multipliers

Let Clerestory do the math for you. Price, cost, and margin are displayed on each product in the proposal.

Free Onboarding

Switching is easy and our live onboarding agents get you up and running right away.

Customer Support

Available by phone, email or zoom. All inquires will be responded to within 24 hours

Live Training

Schedule a demo or a feature presentation to clear up any confusion.

Library of How-to Videos

You’ll have access to a video library to show each step of the process.


Clerestory can help you do more than just create proposals

Polished Proposals

Impress your clients with an added level of professionalism and polish in the documents you send

Track Profit

Quickly see how much profit each project will produce, and easily adjust where needed

Accurate Ordering

Eliminate the contractors need to run to the hardware store half way through a job


Whether shown on an iPad, screen mirrored to your Showroom, or printed on paper, your work will look flawless

Saved Multipliers

Ability to see which distributors offer you the most profit on each product

Align Communication

Always have access to the latest proposal ensuring accurate communication and execution

Track Progress

Determine the current status of each project and see the history of the client

Fully Customizable

Add specialty items to your quote even if they’re not in our database

Referral Program

Get a discount for you and a friend.

Contact us for your personal referral code.

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