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photo of a remodeled kitchen
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Tell Your Story
What 2020 is good at, what Clerestory is good at, and our solution of using both
Scott Trainor
April 7, 2023
As kitchen and bathroom designers, we’re always trying to tell a story. The audience is the homeowners–our clients–and the beginning, middle, and end are formed in the way we present our designs. The design itself is a large part of it, of course. That’s really what the clients want to see; the 3D visuals and beautiful renderings. But for those of us that sell the materials too, that’s another part of the story that needs to be told, and it should be told just as well as the design. This is where we gave Clerestory its name: the concept of bringing clarity, brightness, and a bird’s eye view to your projects.
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photo of a remodeled bathroom
Depending on your needs, you can tailor your Clerestory proposal to fit the story you’re trying to tell. Show the pattern of the tile you priced, use custom images to get the right visuals, and organize everything in a way that makes sense. And since sometimes less is more, you control how much or how little you want to tell. Or give your clients extra detail. With Clerestory you can tell the story your way.
Clerestory, the first proposal tool geared specifically for kitchen & bath designers, makes adding products like plumbing fixtures and accessories quick and easy.